Custom Gun Cerakoting by Weapon Works

Looking to give your firearms a unique and durable finish? Look no further than Weapon Works for custom gun cerakoting.

Did you know that gun cerakoting can enhance the lifespan of your firearm by up to 50%?

With our expertise and attention to detail, we offer a wide range of cerakote designs that are both stylish and long-lasting.

Our process ensures a flawless and professional application every time.

Whether you want to personalize your firearm or provide it with added protection, our custom gun cerakoting services are the perfect solution.

Trust Weapon Works to transform your firearms into true works of art that are built to last.

Why Choose Weapon Works for Custom Gun Cerakoting

When it comes to custom gun cerakoting, you want a reliable and experienced provider that can deliver exceptional results.

  • Weapon Works is the perfect choice for several reasons. Firstly, their team consists of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about their craft. They have a keen eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, ensuring that every cerakoting job is done to the highest standard.
  • Weapon Works offers a wide range of color options and finishes to suit your personal preferences and style. Whether you want a sleek and elegant look or a bold and vibrant design, they have you covered.
  • Their turnaround time is impressive, meaning you won’t have to wait long to get your custom cerakoted gun back in your hands.

Trust Weapon Works for all your custom gun cerakoting needs.

The Process of Custom Gun Cerakoting

During the process of custom gun cerakoting at Weapon Works, your firearm will undergo a series of meticulous steps to ensure a flawless and durable finish.

First, the gun will be disassembled to its core components, such as the barrel, slide, and frame. Each part will then be meticulously cleaned and degreased to remove any dirt, oil, or residue.

Next, a specialized coating will be applied to the gun using a high-quality cerakote material. This coating isn’t only aesthetically appealing but also provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear.

After the coating is applied, the gun will be baked at a precise temperature to cure the cerakote and create a hard, durable finish.

Finally, the firearm will be reassembled and inspected to ensure that every detail is perfect.

At Weapon Works, we take pride in our attention to detail and strive to deliver a custom gun cerakoting process that exceeds your expectations.

Top Trending Cerakote Designs for Firearms

When selecting a design for your custom gun cerakoting at Weapon Works, explore the top trending options for a unique and eye-catching firearm finish.

One of the most popular designs currently is the Battleworn finish. This design features a distressed and worn appearance, giving your firearm a rugged and battle-tested look.

Another trending design is the Multicam pattern, known for its camouflage effect with various colors and shapes.

For a sleek and futuristic look, consider the Carbon Fiber design, which mimics the appearance of woven carbon fiber material.

If you prefer a more artistic design, the Mandala pattern is a popular choice, featuring intricate and symmetrical geometric shapes.

Lastly, the American Flag design is a timeless option, showcasing your patriotism and love for your country.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Cerakoted Firearm

To keep your cerakoted firearm in top condition, you need to take proper care of it.

The first step is to regularly clean your gun using a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the cerakote finish.

Additionally, avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that could strip away the protective coating. Instead, opt for mild soaps or cleaners specifically designed for firearms.

After cleaning, make sure to dry your firearm thoroughly to prevent any moisture from causing rust or corrosion.

Finally, store your cerakoted firearm in a cool and dry place, preferably in a gun safe or case to protect it from dust, humidity, and other environmental factors.


So, if you’re looking for top-quality custom gun cerakoting, look no further than Weapon Works. With their expertise and attention to detail, they can transform your firearm into a work of art.

From the process of cerakoting to the trending designs available, they’ve got you covered.

And don’t forget, maintaining and caring for your cerakoted firearm is important for its longevity.

So, join the ranks of happy customers and trust Weapon Works for all your custom gun cerakoting needs.

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